TDT Lazyload WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin that save tons of bandwidth and make website load faster because it’s make image on website only load when it needs (scroll into the viewport). Because TDT Lazyload using pure Javascript Lazysizes plugin so it can run without jQuery, make it load faster, reliable.

Moreover, TDT Lazyload now support srcset and sizes attributes of image (img) tags that more compatible with variety devices across PC, laptop, mobile devices.

You can scroll to Demo section to see plugin in action.


The installation of TDT Lazyload is very simple.

You can install it directly from WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new. Type ‘TDT Lazyload’ and click to Install button.


Q: Is TDT Lazyload require jQuery?

A: TDT Lazyload 1.1 and above will use pure javascript lazyload using Lazysizes that’s no need require jQuery to run. Thanks @aFarkas for this awesome plugin.

Q: Is TDT Lazyload support srcset and sizes attributes?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Is TDT Lazyload works when javascript disabled?

A: Yes, TDT Lazyload auto append a <noscript> tag contains a normal <img> tag to show images with no lazyload effect.

Q: How can I disable lazyload on some images?

A: Please add nolazyload class to img tag.

Q: The plugin is not working?

A: You can fire an issue and I will look at that ASAP.


You can open an issue if my plugin not working properly at Github reposity:


Thanks for awesome images of my country 😉